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Universal Leasing LLC - Mission And Plan

After reading about our company, I'm sure you are asking yourself, "Why would a company with an idea they feel has the potential to transcend the industry put their plan on full display for everyone else to see?"

Our answer is simple! As we stated in our introduction, our goals don't just consist of making our company a complete success. We also aspire for others to follow our pattern, which we feel will tighten the loose ends in the automotive finance industry and will allow prosperity to everyone in the field.

After witnessing the catastrophic storm this last recession of 2008, dubbed as The Great Recession, caused to the American economy, we knew it was time to change our forecast on the current way business was being conducted.

The blueprint to our success is as follows:

The majority of our funding is provided by a back-breaking, blue collar, hands-on commodity exchange business, in which members of our company roll their sleeves up and take part in the physical day-to-day activities. We make this known because we want our clients to be aware that the product, along with the money we are lending out, was paid for by hardship on our part, not just third party money lent to us. It needs to be clear from the start that we have just as much an emotional and principled interest in our business transaction as our clients do.

* Financing on reliable quality pre owned vehicles
* Giving the consumer a break by allowing their initial down payment to be as low as $555.00
* providing consumers affordable monthly payments
* Easy Approval terms regardless of credit history.
* If we don't have the customers vehicle of choice in our existing inventory we will conduct a widespread search to find the vehicle that fits their needs.

In order to accomplish this mission, we are not reinventing the wheel, but simply adding a few tweaks to a system invented many years ago:

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