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Repair & garage facilities in Wallingford, CT
Repair & garage facilities in Wallingford, CT

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The Story to Transform Auto Financing

Out of the horrific financial disaster in 2008, the persona and reputation of finance companies throughout all industries faced turmoil. The incident was built up over years by major banks and companies with subprime banking and playing with innocent people’s credit. Our family was heavily affected by this crisis as we owned a low-scaled finance company.More»

We were forced, along with many other blue collar entrepreneurial families, to “face the music” and dig ourselves out of the rut. Our family business closed and we were left with nothing besides debt to larger companies, defaulted loans and our integrity.

We realized we were a middle-man in the center of a crisis that had been awakening for years. We swore we would get back on our feet and help reshape the culture of the auto industry. Starting with cans and old car parts, we began recycling core and precious metals to prepare capital. This time around we created a creed that nobody would bank roll our customers besides us.

After five years of grit, dirt and scrapping metal, we were able to grow a recycling company that generated steady revenue. With this capital, Finance 5 was born. We began buying select inventory and selling them through our finance company at wholesale price. Keeping a small, yet precise inventory, we were able to offer our customers a service we weren’t able to do in the past. Our new business model was focused on trust, dedication and affordability.

We finally realized we could reshape the auto industry, not by being a dealer, but by providing a service like no other. We came to the conclusion that those who were affected by the 2008 or any other crisis, were entitled to a second chance. We decided if our family was able to get knocked down and stand on our feet, that we would help car buyers everywhere to do the same. We believe Finance 5 can be the soil in which a new generation of auto financing can sprout.

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